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Brock Lesnar Retires after UFC 141

“My hats off to Alistair Overeem. I’ve had a really difficult couple of years with my disease. Tonight is the last time you will see me in the Octagon,” Lesnar said during the post-fight interview. “I want to thank everybody—the Fertittas, Dana White. Everybody you’ve been great. I’m here to say that Brock Lesnar has officially retired. I promised my wife, my kids. If I won this fight I’d fight one more time for the title. If I lost, I’d retire.”

UFC 141 Tonight!

UFC 141 Tonight!

Lesnar Vs. Overeem

UPDATE:  Did you see that “Targeting” by Overeem?  That is how to take someone out without a lot of effort.  He repeatedly targeted Brock’s Liver and once the Liver starts to quiver, it is all over.  There are several targets on the body that will result in a KO.  Check out the “TARGETS” page to learn where they are.

HAYWIRE the movie with Gina Carano

This movie looks really good.  Very professional with top notch actors.  Check out the two trailers below.  Check out the front kick.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Starting Soon!

"Stryker" our mascot. Buy at

Welcome to the  First and Only Free Online Mixed Martial Arts School on the internet! Starting Soon!

My goal is to help promote the sport and people of Mixed Martial Arts and to help build a NEW BREED of SMART FIGHTERS.

What is planned?

1.  We will be adding a complete Mixed Martial Arts curriculum for you to use for Free.  This site should be used in conjunction with a local coach and gym.  For those of you that already train at a gym then learn the move, technique or “play” and ask your coach to tweak and perfect it for you.  I am trying to put together the most unique and comprehensive curriculum in the world.  In order to be a great fighter, you will need training and sparring partners and also local coaches and trainers.  Everyone’s skill set is different and unique.  You will not be able to become a Mixed Martial Arts Champion unless you spar and find a coach that can tweak these techniques according to your own skill set, body type, weight and level of strength & conditioning.  If you are not interested in competing then this site will be a great way to learn the skills and have fun practicing the fastest growing sport in the world!  TRAIN SMART-FIGHT SMART!

  • Knowledge:  How to wrap your hands?  What does a cornerman do? and much more…
  • Stances:  Do you know the difference between a MMA Stance, Grappling Stance, Boxing Stance, Orthodox Stance or Southpaw Stance?
  • V.P.T. or Vital Point Targets:  This is a unique concept to MMA.  I’m adapting these unique skills from my close quarters/hand to hand fight training and anatomy knowledge (  Talk about having an unfair advantage!  Do you know where there are clusters of nerves on the body that can short circuit your opponent and weaken him?  Where is the best place to knee, kick or strike the legs in order to cause a “dead leg”, that can slow down your opponent or even end the fight?  Where is the vagus nerve and what will it do when struck?  Where is the “burrito expeller” and why do we want to hit it?  Have you ever fought for an armbar and not been able to strip your opponents grip to finish?  I will show you a special legal target that you can strike which will cause your opponent to lose his grip (and this target is not on the arm at all).  There are many more like this…
  • Unique Combo’s or what I like to call “Plays”:  We will show you certain “Plays” that you can run during the fight.  This is a unique concept to MMA and most of the Elite Fighters and World Champions are already doing this.  Do you?
  • Striking:  What are the 6 main punches?  What is an overhand right?  What’s the difference between a short, medium and long range hook?  What is the pacquiao punch?  What is a shovel punch and what part of the body should we target to get the most out of the punch?  How do you properly set up and perform a spinning back fist?  What is the difference between a feeler jab, a half jab, a boxing jab and a power jab?
  • Blocks & Grabs:  What are the 10 main blocks?  What is a V Block?  What is a Dracula Block and when would I use it?  What is a foot check?  What is a Thai Block and why is it great against everyone but a wrestler?  Why would I want to grab the opponents wrist or elbow when striking?  And what would I do with it after I grabbed it?
  • Elbows:  What is a cutting elbow? What is a smashing elbow?  I will also show you some unique targets that are currently not being utilized by most fighters.  These unique targets can end a fight or expose weaknesses in your opponent.
  • Kicks:  What is the “Hollywood” kick that keeps knocking World Champions out cold?…and How do you do it?  Why is the roundhouse kick to the mid-section a waist of time and you will be surprised at the 2 unique kicks that will surprise your opponent and possibly win the fight with just one kick.  When you kick are you stepping into and through the target while opening your hip to create power?  Why not?
  • Knees:  Flying knee, straight knee, thai knee, Faber Knee, “Running Man” Play.
  • Head Movement:  Move your head you fool and you’ll quit getting hit so damn much!  What are the five main head movements?
  • Footwork:  This is probably one of the most underused skills.  Being able to create angles and avoid strikes & takedowns is critical for you to be a World Class Fighter.
  • Grappling for MMA:  Did you know that in order to become a World Class Striker, you need to be a World Class Grappler!  Ever since UFC 1, the world found out why you better learn to grapple or you are dead meat.  Why are the current World Champions top notch strikers?  Because they are also top notch grapplers!
  • Submission Defense: Do you know how to avoid a triangle choke?  How about getting out of a Triangle Choke once it’s been locked on?  How about armbar defense or how to avoid an RNC when someone has your back?
  • Takedowns:  What is the most high percentage takedown?  What takedowns have you been practicing?
  • Takedown Defense:  If you only know how to sprawl then you’re missing a lot.
  • Weight Cutting:  Why is it important to learn how to properly cut weight?
  • Diet:  How to gain weight, how to lose weight.  What is the best diet for MMA?
  • Drills & Skills:  Makes training more fun!
  • Strategies and Game Plans:  This might just be the most important part of my whole site!  I will show you some unique strategies and game plans that can be used to win fights and to sustain less damage.  Wouldn’t you rather hit than get hit?  And if you answered that “you like getting hit”, then go ahead and leave the site, because you are a fool!  Do you think a football team would ever win a game just “winging it”?  No, they set up specific “Plays” to incrementally take apart their opponent.  I will teach you “Plays” that work for MMA and will have your opponent guessing the whole round.
  • Strength & Conditioning:  Very important for all combat sports and life in general.
  • Tricks and Feints:  These unique tips alone will change your whole game for the better!
  • and more…

2.  Here are some unique things that you will learn:

  • Ask yourself this question?  Why do I need to be unique as a fighter?  Can you answer that?  Nowadays, everyone is training in BJJ, Wrestling, Muay Thai and Boxing, so what is going to be different about fighters in the future?  The only thing that is separating the newer fighters from each other is strength & conditioning.  So basically, whoever is the best athlete is going to win (unless they have something unique and different about their style!).  If you look at the current Champions they all do something very unique from their competition.  Do you know what that is?  I do.  I will tell you the secret and also show you some very unique and high percentage techniques that you can add to your own game right away.
  • Do you know the best way to cut weight and still have energy?
  • Do you know how to make your opponent “freeze” in their tracks?
  • Do you know how to create an angle while taking power away from your opponent?
  • Do you know how to attack and avoid strikes at the same time?
  • Do you know how to open your opponents guard with one very unique strike?  This strike alone might be my legacy to the sport of MMA.

3.  We plan on interviewing prominent fighters, coaches and trainers throughout the MMA community.

4.  We plan on doing Free Seminars and post online offers to promote local coaches, gyms and training centers.

5.  We plan on sponsoring fighters.

6.  We plan on selling clothing and gear.  Check out for a small sample.  We will be adding more designs in the future.

7.  The most exciting thing for me is starting an MMA belt system to go along with the curriculum.  How would you like to be able to finally earn your Mixed Martial Arts Black Belt?  This will not be easy ofcourse, but those of you that have already been training in MMA for years will finally have a chance to be recognized by earning your black belt.  This will have a small fee attached to cover expenses and for us to critique and evaluate your skills.

8.  And Much Much More…