Update 1/5/2012

Since this is a new site, I need help getting the word out.  If any of you have your own site then please add us as a link and let your email list know about it!  Thanks, Coach David

TARGETS:  I added some pics to the targets page.

BLOG:  I added a couple of new videos.

PLAYS:  I added “Gamby” as a new takedown.

THE BASICS:  I am changing this to include what a beginning fighter needs to know and moved some of the other info to new pages like “GROUND”, “STRIKING”, “TAKEDOWNS” and “CAGE WORK”.

I will be adding more techniques as we go.  I will be filming my own videos as soon as possible.  For now I am posting videos from other sources.

Attention Coaches, Gyms & Fight Shops.

This is a FREE service!  Would you like to offer a free lesson, 30 day pass to your gym or merchandise discount?  Then email me at freemmaschool @ gmail.com and let me know what you would like to offer and I will make it available to my list.  I will need your name or the name of your gym or both, what you would like to offer such as a free lesson, 10 or 30 day gym pass or a % discount off of merchandise, your website address, phone # and address.  I will make all offers expire within 30 days unless otherwise noted.  Or send me your pre-made coupon in .jpg and I will post it to the blog and this page.    Thanks, Coach David


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Learn to Fight--Real Self Defense

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