New Drills!

I have added 3 more drills to the “DRILLS” page.  In the future I will be adding videos to these drills.  For now you just have to figure out what I’m trying to write.  These drills will help you take control of the fight, avoid danger, open up “TARGETS“, set-up different “PLAYS” and “TAKEDOWNS“.

Drill #5
Bully Drill:  Get in close clinch up and practice moving your opponent back, forth, turning (push and pull shoulder, grab behind elbow and pull) etc….

Drill #6
Push Face Drill:  Put your hand in your training partner’s face and move forward quickly and see what they do.  See what targets it opens up.  Eventually they will know to move laterally or duck and punch you in the liver, but it will work in a fight (at least the first few times).  This is the set-up for “Junior” and “Solar” plays.

Drill #7
Turn the Corner Drill:  Throw a combo and move to the side of your opponent.  For example:  Have your opponent pretty much stand in place and you would throw a jab and move to his side (the opponent would then turn and face you) then you would throw a 1, 2 and move to your partner’s side, etc…1,2,3 then to the side, 1, inside leg kick, move to the side.  Then your partner will do the same.  Always “Turn the Corner” away from your opponent’s strong cross hand!


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