New Drill Added!

Drill #8
Target Practice Drill:  In this drill you will focus on striking the targets in slow motion.  You need to go in super slow motion to focus your brain on hitting the vital targets.  Slowly speed up once you have dialed in on the target then switch to another target.  If you want to learn the best and most efficient way to hit targets then consider doing a Vital Point Targets for MMA seminar!

Let me know if you are interested in hosting a Seminar.  I will advertise your gym and help to promote the seminar.

Seminars run between 2 and 4 hours depending on what you would like to learn.  We will try to cover as much as possible.  It is not expected for your participants to remember everything.  They will always be able to refer back to this site for a refresher.  This is a very fast paced and fun seminar.  I don’t cover the basics in this seminar.  This is for your students who already know the basic punches, stances, takedowns, etc…  I can do an advanced fighter seminar or a “Learn the Basics” type of seminar, you choose.

Targeting, my friends, is the future of MMA.  Learn it now or get left behind!  This is the future for a NEW BREED of SMART FIGHTERS.  The fighters who learn this concept will have a unique and distinct advantage over their un-educated opponents.  In this seminar, I will explain where the targets are and what happens when you properly strike them.

I’m adapting these unique skills from my close quarters/hand to hand fight training and anatomy knowledge (  Talk about having an unfair advantage!  Do you know where there are clusters of nerves on the body that can short-circuit your opponent and weaken him?  Where is the best place to knee, kick or strike the legs in order to cause a “dead leg”, that can slow down your opponent or even end the fight?  Where is the vagus nerve and what will it do when struck?  Where is the “burrito expeller” and why do we want to hit it?  Have you ever fought for an armbar and not been able to strip your opponents grip to finish?  I will show you a special legal target that you can strike which will cause your opponent to lose his grip (and this target is not on the arm at all).  There are many more like this…

Do you realize how much effort a fighter uses to just punch and kick with no specific target in mind?  I call this Just “Punching Meat”, because that is all you’re doing.  You spend 90% of the fight just trying to knock someone out, but you never aim for the proper target.  Repeatedly hitting your opponent in the middle of his face looks good and will score you points, but it does not knock someone out!  Kicking someone in the side of the stomach with a roundhouse kick might get the fans excited, but it will not do any damage to your opponent and you’ll probably end up getting taken down and lose points in the judges eyes.  If you spend your time just hitting away without a target, you’ll just end up getting tired and knocked out yourself.  Think of it like trying to hit the bullseye, of a dartboard, by randomly throwing darts at a wall.  If you want to knock someone out or do major damage then focus on a target and keep trying to hit it!  Spend your energy and focus repeatedly aiming at the “bullseye” (targets) with every throw (strike) and you will hit it (KNOCKOUT!).

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