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VIDEO – For Beginner Grapplers – Concepts of Opening Guard on Knees


Jason Scully a.k.a. The Grapplers Guide
BJJ Black Belt

Well, I’ve been getting great feedback and questions in regards
to the “Short but Sweet” reference videos that I’ve been uploading
and one of the more common beginner questions is why I turn my
body the way that I do when I am opening my partners guard on
my knees in my 57 Guard Passing Techniques in Techniques in Just
8 Minutes Video.

So I made a short video explaining why I do what I do when I
open the guard from the knees and little details I try to pay
attention to when I do it.

There is SO many different ways to open the guard and many people
will have their own variations.  Try this way out, ask questions,
and let me know how it works out.

The key thing that I make sure I do when I attempt to open the
guard from my knees is I DO NOT put my knee under their but from
the beginning.  This is extremely common for people to do and a
very common way for them to learn it. I do not do it this way.
My order is a bit different.

Fundamentals are key when it comes to building a strong game, so
always focus on keeping your basics clean and efficient.

Here’s the video:


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