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By Coach David Alexander

Learn to Fight, Eat Meat and Lift Heavy $h!t!

Have you noticed that the American Male is being Wussified?  He has been told from birth; not to hit back, not to curse, don’t eat meat, eat whole grains and soy instead, don’t lift weights because it’s bad for your knees, you need to manscape and what’s with metro’s and hipsters?  What can you add to the list?

I’m going to tell you about three things that you can do to reclaim your manhood.  This is Man Training 101 or the Man Training Fast Track!

Forget “Goals”, I’m sick of hearing about making goals setting goals, writing down goals to make goals “my goal is to make a new goal, and write it down”.  How many of us have actually written down a goal and achieved it?  Most people might have written down a bunch of goals, but that is as far as they got.  GOALS WITHOUT ACTION ARE MEANINGLESS!  We are going to skip the goals, and pick just 3 things (Learn to Fight, Eat Meat and Lift Heavy $h!t) and take action.  That’s it.  End of lesson…

I have just written your goals for you.  Learn to Fight, Eat Meat and Lift Heavy $h!t!  That’s it.  If you want to build self confidence, empower yourself and re-claim your manhood, then do those three things:

Learn to Fight:  When you know how to “Kick Ass” and can defend yourself, your friends and your family, you will have built confidence and started down the road to de-wussification.  I’m not talking how to shoot a gun better, but actually learning how to fight with your brains and hands.  Obviously avoiding a fight would be best, but you need to know what to do when the SHTF and you have no other choice than to take action.  I cannot think of anything else in life that has given me more confidence than learning how to fight and to defend myself and others.  This is the #1 lesson of the Man Training Fast Track.  How to do this?  Find a local Krav Maga, Combatives, MMA, BJJ or Self Defense Class (not typical martial arts) in your area or book me to come and give you a private lesson or seminar.  Learn more at,, or

Eat Meat:  In order to build muscle and lose weight, you need to eat a lot of red meat and saturated fat.  Forget about all the lies being told about read meat and cancer or high cholesterol.  We would not have been able to evolve for hundreds of thousands of years if it weren’t for eating read meat.  So cut nearly all the sissy garbage food such as whole grains, pasta, sugar, sugary drinks, soda’s, cakes & cookies and eat Meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds & a little fruit just like our ancestors before us.  If they could survive and eventually thrive on this diet, so can we.  Do not De-volve!  Learn more at

Lift Heavy $h!t:  In order to lean out and build slabs of functional muscle, you need to “Lift Heavy $h!t”!  And I’m not talking about bicep curls, tricep kickbacks or joint destroying machines.  The best way to build strong, functional muscle is in the lifts that men (and women) have used for centuries to get stronger.  What I’m talking about is the big three lifts; Squats, Deadlifts and Presses (all with a barbell, not a machine or dumbbells).  Start light and increase the weight every session for three days a week.  Read this to learn more:

That is it!  These are the three ways to Fast Track your Man Training.  Commit to this new goal for 90 days and do not let anything get in your way.  I challenge you to stick to it for 90 days!

“Make a clear and unequivocal promise to yourself that you are absolutely committed to your new goal, and that you will do all in your power to achieve it.”

“Some people believe that self-confidence can be built with affirmations and positive thinking.  I say that you have to DO SOMETHING, to achieve confidence!”

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Coach David Alexander


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Draculino interview by Stephan Kesting

Hi there,
I’m working on a new, big, and very cool BJJ project which recently took me to Houston, Texas.
That trip was a blur – we were working like crazy and filming till 2 or 3 am most nights.  Just to show you how busy we were, I didn’t even get a chance to drive just down the road and visit NASA…  Which, given my interest in space, science and exploration, is pretty much a hanging crime!!
But one person I did make time for was Vinicius ‘Draculino’ Magalhães.  This guy is a fantastic resource for the BJJ community, and I wanted to pick his brain about the ongoing evolution of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Dradulino started training in Rio in the 1980’s back in the days when many of the big names in BJJ were just young kids with blue and purple belts around their waists.  Plus he’s trained many great competitors in the sport, as well as having personally competed in BJJ, ADCC, and MMA himself!

In our 24 minute conversation Draculino talked about:

  • How beach fights for the hottest surfing spots brought him into jiu-jitsu
  • What it was like training with the top Gracie and Machado fighters in Rio in the 1980’s
  • How self defense and vale tudo training were incorporated into class back in the day
  • The early BJJ competition scene, and how BJJ has changed over the last 3 decades
  • How the spider guard evolved, and the criticism he received for pioneering this position
  • Why he gets more nervous for BJJ competition than for MMA fights.
  • Why many matches at the 2012 Mundials reminded him of two spiders trying to mate
  • The rule changes, he’d like to see to make jiu-jitsu competition more exciting,
  • And why he makes even his BJJ world champions do self defense twice a week

All in all, it’s a merry romp down many BJJ topics, past and present

You can listen to the 24 minute long interview, download the audio, and/or watch it on video at this link here:
Stephan Kesting

Brief History of Ancient MMA and the Greek Olympic Games

Source with video:

Written By Raymond Horwitz – Today

Jim Arvanitis on the Greek Olympic Games, MMA and PankrationInternationally known as the “Father of Modern Pankration,” Jim Arvanitis, the Black Belt Hall of Fame 2009 Instructor of the Year, contends that, “be it a front kick, hammerfist or shoulder throw, the lineage of each can be traced back to the ancient Greeks.” He should know, having studied pankration and both its modern-combat and mixed-martial-arts applications for decades.

When visiting the Black Belt photo studio for a technique shoot, he broke into a brief history of pankration and the Greek Olympic Games and how they tie into what we now know as mixed martial arts.

Pankration Icon Jim Arvanitis Gives a Brief History of Ancient MMA and the Greek Olympic Games

“You look at MMA today [and] for us it’s nothing new,” Jim Arvanitis says. “This was goin’ on 3,000 years ago and more.

“The Greeks were great documenters. They had great poets and great writers of the era who loved sports. [In Greek culture], sport dominated their everyday life.”

The Sports of the Early Greek Olympic Games

“They were able to put everything together because they were looking for the ultimate sport,” Jim Arvanitis says about the Greeks and their early Olympic Games. “Wrestling was introduced in the Olympics first as one of what was called the heavy events. And the Greeks were happy with that for a while. Then they introduced boxing.

“Then they felt, Well, we need something that combines the two. We need something a little bit more rigorous, a little more challenging. We’ve got the greatest athletes here!

“And that’s where the pankration came from, which I simply modified as [modern] pankration.”

How Jim Arvanitis Modernized the Pankration of the Early Greek Olympic Games

“I took some of the ideas [in ancient pankration techniques] and gave [them] a contemporary flair,” Jim Arvanitis explains. “It has its roots in antiquity, going way back. It had to be modernized because (a.) we’re not fighting naked anymore and (b.) I really felt some of the techniques were not simplistic techniques. You could see the end results … you could see a throw, you could see a submission hold, you could see them actually doing fall tactics. You could see the referee using a stout rod to hit [athletes who were] doing something that considered forbidden — like gouging out an eye or biting the fingers.”

Differences Between Pankration of the Greek Olympic Games and the MMA of Today

“[Pankration] was to the submission,” Jim Arvanitis says. “And they didn’t submit verbally or tap out like they do in MMA today; they raised a finger. Basically, when a fighter knew he was being defeated and couldn’t continue, he would raise his index finger in submission.

“[Sometimes] it did end in death because a lot of these guys were Spartan-type spirits and they would not know when to quit.

“There are some fascinating stories about Olympic champions who were actually being choked out and yet they made their opponent surrender with, let’s say, an ankle lock and at the same time they were choked to death.

“However, [the fighter getting choked out was] given the kotinas (victory wreath) because actually they made the opponent quit before they died — so they were declared the winner!”

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