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(HD) CrossKICK Workout 2 (FULL VERSION) by Coach David Alexander

CrossKICK The Ultimate Fitness KICKboxing Workout by Coach David Alexander. See more at

Do the workout from home.  When the music stops then switch to the next station and start the exercise right away.

Client Profile:
Age:  33
Occupation:  Musician

Another Hand Wrap Video

Smash Fu! Fight scene

This is a real rough run through of a fight scene that I will be filming with a professional stunt coordinator. This is just two of the 6 people that I will be taking out with my NEW “Smash Fu” Fighting Style (coming soon).

B.E.T. Self Defense DVD Sneak Peak #1 (Knife Fighting?)

Learn to Fight at for Real Self Defense.

WARNING!  Don’t ever do this, you will kill someone!!!

We have completed filming for the NEW B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System DVD “The only self defense lesson you will ever need!” How to survive a worst case scenario attack on yourself or your family. It is now off to editing which takes a long time to complete.  The following clip includes raw and uncut footage from a 2nd camera that was there during the DVD shoot. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Rape Proof DVD Sneak Peak clip #1

Here is a clip from a 2nd camera that was shooting footage of us filming for the DVD.  This DVD will be called Rape Proof:  How to Defeat a Rapist and Survive a Violent Attack.  Self Defense for Women Only!  This DVD used my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System.  Also see at

Shovel Hook to Liver by

“Squish it like a water balloon”

Visit for more great mma lessons by your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

The Shovel Hook is the punch that comes in between the hook and the uppercut. The baseball analogy would be a slider. I like to target the liver with this punch. Make sure to drive your fist through your opponent in order to compress the liver to cause the desired effect.

Beginning BJJ: And the highest percentage escape for the rear mount is…

CHOKE DEFENSE…Against the wall

As seen on

WARNING!!! Don’t ever do this, you will kill someone!!!

Demonstrating a proper choke defense from against a wall featuring my B.E.T. Self Defense System.

Fight Training Compilation by

Fight Training Compilation by Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Half Jab Practice by your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

This is my half jab. Throw a jab and instead of coming all the way back to your chin, you would come half way back and throw it again. Rotate your left hip forward to generate additional power in the half jab. This should catch your opponent off guard especially if you have thrown several normal jabs before hand to set them up. Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander.  Don’t forget to visit my other site at