3 Hooks by FreeMMASchool.com

3 Hooks:  Short Hook, Mid-Range Hook and Long Range or “Overhand”.  You would use these hooks when you’re at different distances from your opponent.  Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Wedge to Chin/Knee to Pelvic Plexus by FreeMMASchool.com

Double chin jab or “wedge” your hands to the chin of your opponent while taking space (moving forward) which will cause them to stand tall and open up for a knee strike to the pelvic plexus.  After you land this strike, a takedown will be very easy.  By your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Gun Disarm from Behind by World Famous Self Defense Expert Coach David Alexander

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WARNING! Don’t ever do this, you could kill someone!!!

This video is shows a part of my B.E.T. “Target Based” Self Defense System “The only self defense lesson you will ever need!” (How to survive a worst case scenario attack on yourself or your family).  DVD Coming Soon!

There is no way to train for all the different kinds of gun, knife, club disarms with an unlimited number of different scenarios. That is why I teach people to forget about the tool (gun, knife, club) and focus on taking out the weapon (brain of the attacker). Take out the true weapon (brain) and the tool cannot shoot, stab or bludgeon anything all by itself. I teach self defense this way so no matter what the situation, scenario or tool that is being used, you just need to remember how to get to and take out the attacker’s weapon (brain). That is where my unique style of self defense training comes into play. Obviously, my videos are only giving people a glimpse of what to do, but they don’t include the philosophy and hands on training. Visithttp://www.coachdavidalexander.com for more cool videos and see if you like my philosophy of “Learn to Fight, Eat Meat and Lift Heavy Sh!t” Coach David Alexander

BJJ Wrist Lock

In her third week Mackenzie shows us a very sneaky wrist lock that most opponents won’t see coming. For anyone that is new to the sport be careful and be sure to give your opponent the chance to tap because a wrist lock comes on very fast.

*VIDEO* 39 Armbars and Armlocks in Less Than 4 Minutes – Jason Scully

When you click on the link you’ll find a demonstration with
narrations of 39 arm bars and armlocks in less than 4 minutes.

Check it out here: http://youtu.be/OVpQiNNBP9k

Cool gun disarm by World Famous Self Defense Expert Coach David Alexander

I just posted a cool gun disarm technique on my other site at CoachDavidAlexander.com, check it out!

FreeMMASchool.com Marcelo Garcia’s over under control to rear naked choke by Coach David Alexander

Also posted at http://www.coachdavidalexander.com.  Your “under” arm hand needs to be on top of the “over” arm wrist in order to secure a rear naked choke when your opponent strips the “under” arm hand away. If he keeps a hold of the hand then you can do a 1 armed RNC or you can put pressure on his philtrum (just under nose learn more athttp://www.vitaltargetsformma.com) to make his head come up and expose the neck. By your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

FreeMMASchool.com Power Uppercut with BOB by Coach David Alexander

How to throw a power uppercut or power 5 or power 6.  Also how to throw an uppercut like Mike Tyson (see me and Mike on the Pictures page).  The trick in throwing a powerful uppercut is in the body coil and legs.  You need to wind up like a spring and uncoil driving up through the legs and finally the power coming out the fist.  Try it in your next sparring match and see if you feel the added power.  Be Different — Train Smart!  By your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Coach David Alexander and World Champion Mike Tyson

FreeMMASchool.com Super Sneaky Pacquiao Punch with BOB by Coach David Alexander

Have you ever watched Manny Pacquiao fight?  What a great experience and opportunity to learn.  If you could have his boxing expertise transferred to MMA you would definitely have an advantage over the amateurishly skilled boxers in MMA.  Here is a punch that I watch him do that people are not commenting on.  Here is one of his secret weapons.  Watch some YouTube vids of Manny P. and see if you notice when he throws this punch.  He pretty much lands it at will.  Try it in your next fight or sparring match and let me know how it goes in the comments section.  Be Different — Train Smart!  By your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

FreeMMASchool.com “O.C. Hook” with BOB by Coach David Alexander

Here is an O.C. Hook or the Original Combo “O.C.” plus a hook. It is also a 1, 2, 3 combo or a jab, cross and hook combo.  By your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander