Update:  1/1/2012:  Until I can get the videos made, I’m just going to post a bunch of the plays names and descriptions.  The advanced MMA coach and fighter should be able to understand what the description means.  The beginning fighter should go back to the BASICS page and not worry about “PLAYS” until they have a foundation in the basics.

Why do you name your combo’s and call them “PLAYS”?  I think that I might be the first one to officially do “Plays” in MMA.  If not, then let me know.  In a lot of martial arts the creator has named certain techniques to speed things up.  For example:  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has names for most of their techniques.  All someone has to say is “triangle” or “twister” and you know exactly how to perform the technique.  If the coach had to explain every little move that makes up a “triangle” or “twister” during a tournament or fight, it would simply take too long.  My curriculum has names for sets of techniques that are stringed together.  For example:  If, during a fight, I yell out “GSP” you will automatically know to perform a jab, jab, low left leg kick, while advancing forward and moving to the side of your opponent.  This also gives an advantage that the opponent will not know what technique has been yelled out.  If I, as a coach in your corner, yell out 1,2, then your opponent will know that a jab, straight right is coming and could defend or know the exact counter to that combo.  But if I yell out “O.C” (which stands for “original combo”) that consists of a jab and a straight right (1,2) then your opponent will not know what is coming.

I call them “Plays” because we are playing a sport.  Every sport has “Plays” that they run which have been drilled and drilled to perfection.  Just like in basketball, the guard will set up at the top of the key and yell out a play (usually he will yell out a number and the team knows what that number means) and the team will run it.  But just like in basketball, the play might get  interrupted and the team will have to rely on their other training to succeed.  That is what I’m trying to accomplish with my “Plays”.  At certain points throughout the fight, your coach will yell out a play for you to run.  If the play gets interrupted, then you would rely on your MMA training (grappling, Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling).  Then you will Re-set and run another play.  Try it out in practice and see what happens.  MMA is a sport and sports have “Plays”!  If you drill and drill the following “Plays” you will always have a ready attack plan and strategy.  Even if you don’t memorize all the plays, they will be good practice for you anyway.  Most of these “Plays” have ended up in a knockout or to set up a knockout.  A great way to practice is for you to think of a play when sparring and then do it.  Then have a Coach or Training Partner yell out a “Play” and then do it.  Even if it’s not necessarily the right time or it has not been set up properly, you are just getting into learning how to run Plays.

“Plays”  in no particular order.  I’m just trying to get them on this page and I will rearrange when I can.  FYI;  “O.” or “O’s” in the description translates to Opponent or Opponent’s.

This means to disengage and so you can set back up and run another “Play”.  Or if you’re forgetting your game plan, this will be a reminder to get back on the plan.  Practice this by sparring and having your coach tell you to “Re-Set” and you would roll out and back up away from your sparring partner to receive a “Play” and go again.  This will get you conditioned to getting your mind back on the game plan.

–“SECRET MOVE” This is a very effective strike when your opponent is on the ground and they are already fading or tired.  It can be performed while you are in guard, mount or side control.
This is a very devastating strike that can end a fight with one shot and is performed when on the ground.  Will only be revealed during a seminar.

“MULE” This might be the next “Crane” kick in MMA that keeps knocking out Former World Champions.  I have not seen this kick done in MMA yet.  I learned it when I was practicing Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate.  It has to be done a very specific way.  It will be devastating and you could end the fight with just this one kick.
Will only be revealed during a seminar.

“360 MULE” 
Will only be revealed during a seminar.

This is a shoulder trap arm bar taught to me by Rickson Gracie.

Put your lead hand out and push o’s face and head to distract and frustrate while your other hand is glued in a 2 block (you end up looking like a sprinkler).  You will follow with a cross “Solar” or uppercut “Junior”.  This is also great for defense to keep someone at bay.

Move forward with lead hand in o’s face pushing them backward and having them cover, drop down and drive fist through solar plexus.

“PISTON” This should be used a lot more in MMA.  It’s also a great play to be used when you’re in trouble or trapped against the cage.
hold a 1 block while throwing repeated 2’s.  The cross should start from an elevated position so that with every 2 that is thrown you are constantly blocking your chin with the punch.

“REAL BASICS” This is just a list of basic “plays” that a fighter should know before getting in the cage.
Focus on the jab and the power cross (OCP) and the jab with the power uppercut (Junior).  (these could win a fight all by themselves) Keep good angled 1 block when throwing the punch!  You have to get the jab, power jab (PJ), OCP, and Junior and feints down pat before ever-moving on to anything else.

Up & Down and Side to Side Head Movement with JAB, “PJ”,  “OC”, “OCP” “JUNIOR” and “PISTON”

“The Bas”
Leaning liver kick.

Foot jab to inside of tibia/gastroc, pelvic plexus, solar plexus.

Jumping front kick Karate Kid Style!

“Fakey Jakey”
Fake a shot and come up with a knee when o sprawls.

“Brick Breaker” 
Use a palm strike with the tip of the ulna when mounted.  Target the jaw or solar plexus.

Or “Power Jab” Stand more square and rotate left hip towards o with the jab.

Original Combo w/ Power behind the cross.  Step with front foot and lean to create more power and move head out-of-the-way for counters.  After two or three OCP’s to the chin then throw the power 2 to the solar plexus.

Keep the jab in O’s face (while pushing forward) to hide the big uppercut coming behind it.  Drive up through your legs to generate more power on the uppercut.

“Boxing Jab” 
Stand in a boxers stance to extend your jabs reach.


“O.C. Hook”

“O.C. Hook Up”

“O.C. Elbow”
1 Chin, 2 Solar Plexus, #3 Elbow to temple or mandible

“Déjà vu” (can be done quick or w/ power)

“Straight & Rotate”
2 (straight) solar plexus, 3 liver, 4 mandible

Overhand to back of ear, 3 liver or mandible

1 (while simultaneously stepping in and to side with lead foot), spinning back fist (with opposite hand).  Better when set up with multiple jabs throughout round.

“Jab Jab Bang”
1 Chin,1 Solar Plexus, 2 Chin

“3 Hooks”
Short range (fist up and down), Medium range (palm down), Long range (hand turns over to strike with 1st two knuckles).

“Jordan” (guard up)

“Shaq” (guard up)
Tilt body left 3,2

Fake knee/kick and leaping cross.

“Drive By”
While moving forward and by o while leaning away at a 45 degree angle you will kick o and keep moving out of danger.

Overhand right to the back of the ear.

Close Range 3 while moving backwards (hand does not turn over), Mid range 3 (hand turns over).

“Colt” (must be in close)
4, tilt to left, 5

“GSP” This is definitely one of my favorites!
JAB, JAB, inside leg kick while moving to o’s side.  As you’re going by your opponent you can also use their shoulder, tricep or wrist to pull you by and to get them rotating away.

“GSP w/ Bonus”
JAB, JAB, inside leg kick while moving to o’s side (as you’re going by your opponent you can also use their shoulder, tricep or wrist to pull you by and to get them rotating away), Reverse direction and kick to back of knee (popliteal nerves).

“Down & Out” 
3 head movement to 3 hook while driving up and forward with your legs.  Target back of ear or chin.

Throw the 2 at odd times, from anywhere.  Bernard Hopkins told Rashad Evans to do this.

uppercut/jab hybrid punch.

While moving forward put your hand on the chest of o and leg pick.

“Donkey Kong”
Repeated hammer fists to a downed o.  Target the chin, mandible, vagus nerve

Same side fighting stance; Step to right while simultaneously using a Front Inside Leg Kick to the saphenous nerve, 2 Behind Ear or mandible.

3 to liver (while simultaneously moving into same side), (2 at eyes to blind) with simultaneous back leg up kick under the chin.

Front Leg Roundhouse to leg, 1,2, Back leg roundhouse to leg.

Switch Kick to Head (kicking leg stays as front leg), 2 to Solar plexus, 3 to chin.

1,2, Back Leg Kick to Leg using the momentum to generate more power.

“Aussie Razor”
1 block w/ right side tilt, 6, 4, up elbow.

“Grab & Smash”
Lead hand grabs and holds opponents jab while moving to side, 2 (mandibular joint or mandible).

“Over the Top”
Paw or slap the o’s jab down and use the same hand to strike your o.

“First Move”
Anticipate and move into O. when they are getting ready to punch or kick and 2 (mandible).

Move in and catch opponent’s roundhouse, 2 to mandible.

1 Block, Close Range 4 while moving backwards (hand does not turn over),  Mid range 4 (hand turns over).

“Tackle” (Takedown)
Kind of like a double leg, but instead of dropping to a knee to penetrate you would run through your opponent until they go down or hit the cage.  It’s basically like a football tackle.  Both GSP and Koscheck are great at this.

“Flamingo” (Takedown)
Catch opponent’s roundhouse, Kick out posted leg.

“Dyson” (Takedown)
Move into opponent’s roundhouse/cross/or overhand, Chin Jab while simultaneously Hook your right leg around O’s Leg and Sweep.

“Pogo Stick” (Takedown)
Pick up opponents leg with body on inside.  Trip opponents other leg out from under to take down.

“Bob” (Takedown)
Lock up, move up and down with opponent.  On the 2nd up move, drop under for a double leg take down.

“Orrin” (Takedown)
Lock up, move into o and wait for opponent to push back, drop down for double leg takedown, move to side control.

“Scissor” (Takedown) (Must be in opposite fight stance)
Scissor sweep, heel to solar plexus.

“Gracie Rhino” (Takedown)
Move into opponents wide hook or overhand while using rhino block, Grab opponent from side around waist. Hook leg and take down.

“Gracie Bend” (Takedown)
Move into opponents wide hook or overhand while using rhino block, Grab opponent from side around waist. Bend opponent backwards and take down.

“Cattle Wrestling” (Takedown)
Clinch up and turn your opponent’s head until they go down.

“Okinawa” (Takedown)
Forcefully kick the back lower leg of opponent with calf of front leg at the same time throwing an arm across opponents chest to take down.

“Rousey” (Takedown)
Set up for a Judo toss and when you get O. half way over, then slam to the mat sideways.

“RR” (Takedown)
If you’re not getting the Judo toss, get O. leaning backwards to avoid getting tossed and then move back into them while tripping them.

“Gamby” (Takedown)
This is a fake judo toss then put your back leg behind o. and trip them over your own leg.

“Sprawl” (Takedown Defense)
Move legs back and out-of-the-way of O’s double leg takedown attempt.

“Devils Daughter” (Takedown Defense)
Half Sprawl and grab back of opponents head with left hand, 6, 6, 6.

“Block & Shuck” (Takedown Defense)
When opponent shoots put both forearms on opponent’s shoulders, toss to side or straight down.

“Goodnight” (Takedown Defense)
When opponent shoots, straight knee to chin.

“Thai Style”
Grab opponent’s lead hand and push up, Thai Knee to spleen or opposite knee to solar plexus.

“OC Spin”
1, 2, Move in with a 5 block, spinning back elbow.

“Running Man”
Thai Clinch, Knee, opposite Knee (keep going).

“Silva Slice”
3 Elbow to vagus nerve, Thai clinch, Knee, Knee (both to solar plexus).

Front Leg Hook Kick, 2 chin, Thai clinch, Knee, Knee (both to solar plexus).

Rear Straight Knee to stomach, 3 Elbow Head or vagus nerve, Push Away.

“Duke Roufus”
Overhand Right (grab behind head), Knee to solar plexus, Knee chin.

“Cage Break”
Over/under Clinch, Move Opponent’s arm up to expose ribs, Side Thai knee.

“Drop Foot”
1, front kick, drop foot to switch stances, rear leg roundhouse, drop foot to switch stances, rear leg roundhouse.

“Fakey Pow” (Has to be set up by landing real Thai kicks first)
Fake Back Leg Thai Kick, Spinning Back Fist.

Move head left, 2 punch;
Move head right, 1punch

Orthodox fighting stance:  (while moving left) 1, 1, 1, (drop level) 3 to liver.

“Double Tap”
Back leg Thai kick, Back leg Thai kick.

Switch knee, same leg kick roundhouse, switch knee, same leg roundhouse.

“Shaq Attack”
Tilt body left 3,2,3,2

“Down Under”
1 block w/ 6, 2 block w/ 5,
1 block w/ 6, 2 block w/ 5

“A.J. Special”
Back leg straight knee, Roundhouse with same leg (RH leg becomes front leg) 4, 5.

1, 2, Knee to solar plexus


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