Blog Archives Power Jab “PJ” by your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Sorry for the video quality. This is just a test sample.

Power Jab from Front foot and hip both rotate forward to increase distance and power. Throw when someone is coming in on you.

Anderson Silva teaches a Jab

Visit for more info. This is one of 62 techniques included on Anderson’s “Boxing for MMA” DVD, part of Mixed Martial Arts: The Ultimate Instructional Set. Direction, Videography, Editing, Music, Design, and Production by Brian Rule Presented by Victory Belt

How to throw a proper jab

How to throw a proper jab…the most under utilized punch in MMA!

In this video, Marcus “It Ain’t Easy”
Harvey, Trainer at the Wild Card Boxing Gym (Yes,
the same place where Pac-Man trains), breaks down
the jab in it’s simplest form.