Blog Archives Switch Step to 45 a degree angle by your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Footwork. Perform a switch step to set up a 45 degree angle on your opponent. From there you can strike (target the mastoid process) with a cross or a low leg kick (popliteal nerve or the gastrocnemius) or a cross with a low leg kick. See more at  Be Different!  Train Smart!  Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Feel free to use my videos however you wish.  With everyone training the exact same way and learning from the same coaches, what separates the fighters?  What makes anyone unique?  The difference nowadays is cardio, strength & conditioning.  My curriculum is different.  I will give you something unique and different.  Something that no one has ever seen before.  Check out my PLAYS page, my STRATEGIES, TIPS & TRICKS page, my UNIQUE MOVES page and my VITAL TARGETS FOR  MMA  page and you will see what I’m talking about.  I will be posting more videos real soon.  Be Different!  Train Smart!  Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander