This site and all of the techniques are free.  Some techniques have been around since the dawn of man and some I have put together, have been taught or found along the way.  If you learn something new on this site, please give credit where credit is due.  Thanks, Coach David.

Update 1/5/2012:  WORK IN PROGRESS

Double Leg

Single Leg

Single to Double

Tree Top

Judo Toss

Hip Throw

Low Single

Leg Drag

“Tackle” (Takedown)
Kind of like a double leg, but instead of dropping to a knee to penetrate you would run through your opponent until they go down or hit the cage.  It’s basically like a football tackle.  Both GSP and Koscheck are great at this.

“Flamingo” (Takedown)
Catch opponent’s roundhouse, Kick out posted leg.

“Dyson” (Takedown)
Move into opponent’s roundhouse/cross/or overhand, Chin Jab while simultaneously Hook your right leg around O’s Leg and Sweep.

“Pogo Stick” (Takedown)
Pick up opponents leg with body on inside.  Trip opponents other leg out from under to take down.

“Bob” (Takedown)
Lock up, move up and down with opponent.  On the 2nd up move, drop under for a double leg take down.

“Orrin” (Takedown)
Lock up, move into o and wait for opponent to push back, drop down for double leg takedown, move to side control.

“Scissor” (Takedown) (Must be in opposite fight stance)
Scissor sweep, heel to solar plexus.

“Gracie Rhino” (Takedown)
Move into opponents wide hook or overhand while using rhino block, Grab opponent from side around waist. Hook leg and take down.

“Gracie Bend” (Takedown)
Move into opponents wide hook or overhand while using rhino block, Grab opponent from side around waist. Bend opponent backwards and take down.

“Cattle Wrestling” (Takedown)
Clinch up and turn your opponent’s head until they go down.

“Okinawa” (Takedown)
Forcefully kick the back lower leg of opponent with calf of front leg at the same time throwing an arm across opponents chest to take down.

“Rousey” (Takedown)
Set up for a Judo toss and when you get O. half way over, then slam to the mat sideways.

“RR” (Takedown)
If you’re not getting the Judo toss, get O. leaning backwards to avoid getting tossed and then move back into them while tripping them.

“Gamby” (Takedown)
This is a fake judo toss then put your back leg behind o. and trip them over your own leg.

“Sprawl” (Takedown Defense)
Move legs back and out-of-the-way of O’s double leg takedown attempt.

“Devils Daughter” (Takedown Defense)
Half Sprawl and grab back of opponents head with left hand, 6, 6, 6.

“Block & Shuck” (Takedown Defense)
When opponent shoots put both forearms on opponent’s shoulders, toss to side or straight down.

“Goodnight” (Takedown Defense)
When opponent shoots, straight knee to chin.


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