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Survival Academy: Expert Tips Part 4 (Crisis and Disaster Preparedness)

10 Expert Positions on Crisis and Disaster Preparedness – Part 4

By on December 1, 2014

We asked 10 of the world’s foremost and well-respected preppers what natural or human created crisis they are preparing for right now. Here’s what they said…

Dear Survivalists,

What do you think is more likely to happen, a human created crisis or a natural disaster (or else what)?

Survivalist # 1- Damian Brindle

Damian Brindle

As much as we preppers like to prepare for everything that may come be it a natural disaster or otherwise, the odds of being dramatically affected by any major natural disaster is actually quite low for most Americans.

That said, it’s better to ready than not and there are certainly threats to be cognizant of. In my area—the Pacific Northwest—potential disasters like a Cascadia event (major earthquake) is probably highest on my radar.

In my opinion I fear that we ALL will face a man made crisis in our lifetimes,specifically economic collapse. This, sadly, is inevitable. Please, please, please begin to wake up and start to prepare yourself for the aftermath that is to come of such an event. Starting to prepare yourself for emergencies, in general, is a great start.

#2- Jamie S.

Jamie S

Definitely a human crisis! We’re crazy, irrational, and do lots of stupid things! I don’t see many people turning to reason or learning some self-control (quite the opposite), so we have no choice but to head down the path we’ve created for ourselves.

#3- Patricia Scholes

Accidental Preparation

Patricia Scholes

There will always be natural disasters.  Out here we face forest fires.  Hurricanes cause untold damage on the coast.  A tornado took our home (see story in Part 1 here).  Those are the things we can justify being prepared to address.  But what do we do when our president introduces Ebola into our country, or when government agencies lie to us about the immunizations we are being given?  We must prepare ourselves as best we can for a whole system collapse.  If we don’t, we’ll be part of the problem, not the solution.  I’m not one of those who will move into a bunker and ignore my neighbors.  I am a Christian.  I will help everyone around me as best as I can.  I will teach the little ones how to harvest cattails and make baskets.  I will show people how to grow gardens and prepare herbs.  If everyone goes crazy and kills me for the food I’ve stored, it’s their loss, not mine.

#4- Keven Card

Keven Card

It’s impossible to predict which is more likely to come first, a human event or a natural disaster both are highly likely. In my prep, I am preparing for multiple possibilities under both scenarios. If I had to pick one today, I would say that it is slightly more likely for it to be a human event. I believe it’s most likely going to be hyperinflation caused by the limitless spending of our Federal Government. That would affect every area no matter where you live.

Of course that’ll lead to anarchy and escalating crime. Living on the outskirts of a major metropolitan city such as Houston, Texas that thought is very concerning. Because as resources are exhausted in the inner cities, those who can, will leave for the outskirts. That’s thousands of people potentially migrating in search of resources, my resources. I’ll try to shelter in place but in my situation it’s highly likely that a bug-out would be necessary. And I’m sorry but I won’t reveal my bug-out plan to anyone.

#5-Pat Henry

Pat Henry

It is so hard to tell because I honestly feel that both are almost equally possible. I try not to plan for specifics though because as soon as you have your mind set on a tornado an earthquake could come. If you are planning for a tsunami would you be ready for an EMP? I chose to focus on preparing in a way that regardless of the crisis I will have the items and skills I need to try and protect my family as well as possible. Regardless of whether or not we have some super volcano eruption or an economic collapse your family will need food and water. You will need to defend your family and shelter them from the elements no matter what. I have made some investments in precious metals which would seem to be only valuable in economic situations but the rest of my preps are pretty much general purpose.

#6- David Alexander

David Alexander

I believe that eventually we will have a currency crisis and financial collapse.  Every empire has imploded the same way throughout history ( and we are no exception.  The bad part is this collapse is going to effect the entire world, since the dollar is the world’s reserve currency and has been since the Bretton Woods System in 1944 and then the “Petro Dollar” and a complete fiat currency since Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971.  But before this happens there might be a natural disaster that helps along the financial collapse.  This could be a massive earthquake, solar storm, volcano or a pandemic.

I don’t personally worry about those things, because they are completely out of my control.  I just try and prepare to give my family the best chance to survive whatever comes our way.  It just seems like the logical thing to do.

#7- Alex Miklovic

Alex Miklovic

In my opinion, a natural disaster is far more likely than a human
created crisis. We, at least to some extent, have a little control over
ourselves, but we are entirely vulnerable to natural disasters. This is
especially true for pandemics. The recent ebola frenzy has been a great
reminder of this, but our history books are filled with examples of
wide-spread and crippling disaster.

#8- Alec Deacon

Alec Deacon

I think a natural disaster is more likely to happen. We’re going to have a lot of hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes and even volcano eruptions to deal with, even if we try so hard to convince ourselves we’re never going to be part of the worst-case-scenario. Right now, I think nature is more a threat to us than our worst enemies.

#9- Richard Fleetwood

Richard Fleetwood

My belief is that natural disasters are the biggest threats to our lifestyle.
However, it’s the daily things all around us that are more likely to affect each of us everyday. Commuting accidents, workplace injuries, using broken tools or equipment are common factors in our everyday life. Weather phenomena are a close second.

It’s the newer threats that have begun occurring with alarming frequency in all corners of the nation, from workplace violence now including terrorist attacks and Islamic beheadings, to racial strife being fomented for political gain in all levels of government, near daily reports of active shooters at schools, the workplace, shopping malls, and even inside supposedly secure military and government offices, and the recurrences of lone wolf criminals and psychopaths running rampant through our towns and cities from California, to Pennsylvania, to any of a number of other locations…all made sensationalistic fodder for the low information voters. These are up front, close, and personal to each of us everyday, thanks to main stream media, instant global connectivity, and high speed internet and smart phones and tablets always at our fingertips.  You are paying attention, aren’t you?

Knowing your surroundings at all times, being aware of near term changes, such as incoming storm systems, localized infrastructure problems, or large turnout sports venues or similar events…each of these should raise your personal radar dishes in case there is a change in wind direction and speed…potentially affecting the status quo and your personal sphere of influence.

It’s not the smooth two lane highways in our life that cause the problems for us…it’s the bumps in the road, the pot holes of change, and the occasional (and figurative) “bridge out ahead” that wreak havoc in our happy little lives.
Preparing for the Obvious…is the safest and best bet for each of our lives.

#10- Gaye Levy

Gaye Levy

Definitely a human created crisis.  Will it be a global economic collapse, a nuclear event, global famine, or a pandemic?

Who is to say?

I hope none of these happen.

And do you think anything is coming in the near future based on where you currently live now?

As I mentioned in Part 1 here, I live in my permanent bug-out-location and we are a bit geographically isolated.  That said, Mother Nature may decide that it is time for a big earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.   I want to be prepared to be on my own for quite some time if that happens.

Are you preparing for the crisis you think will happen next?

Make sure you are prepared WHEN a disaster strikes.

To continue reading more about surviving in extreme conditions click here.

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