Monthly Archives: February 2014

Watching UFC 170 in Las Vegas

Hey everyone, I’ll be watching UFC 170 in Las Vegas and wearing my Free MMA t-shirt this weekend.  Leave a comment if you saw me walking around or come say hello.   Also check out my other site at to learn real self defense.

I am looking for a partner or investor for this site.  Are you a serious MMA fan and are looking for a way to express your love for the sport?  Do you have contacts and marketing skills that can help expose this site to the mma masses?  Send me an email at (coachalexander at if you have writing talent or some money to take this site to another level.  Thanks, Coach David

Still got it HD

Had to my 11 year old son that the old man still has some skills. Not bad for a 235 pound 44 year old.