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ATTENTION:  To All MMA Schools.  I have recently developed a Vital Targets for MMA Seminar.  If you would like to host a seminar, please contact Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander at coachalexander @

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If you would like your school to host a Vital Targets for MMA Seminar, then let me know at Coach David Alexander coachalexander @

With everyone training the exact same way and learning from the same coaches, what separates the fighters?  What makes anyone unique?  The difference nowadays is cardio, strength & conditioning.  My curriculum is different.  I will give you something unique and different.  Something that no one has ever seen before.  Check out my PLAYS page, my STRATEGIES, TIPS & TRICKS page, my UNIQUE MOVES page and my VITAL TARGETS FOR  MMA  page and you will see what I’m talking about.  I will be posting more videos real soon.  Be different!  Train Smart!  Your Virtual MMA Coach David Alexander

Vital Targets for MMA (A New and Unique Concept for MMA):  This, my friends, is THE FUTURE OF MMA!  Learn it now or get left behind!  This is the future for a NEW BREED of SMART FIGHTERS.  The fighters who learn this concept will have a unique and distinct advantage over their un-educated opponents.  In this lesson, I will explain where the targets are and what happens when you properly strike them.  I’m adapting these unique skills from my close quarters/hand to hand fight training and anatomy knowledge (  Talk about having an unfair advantage!  Do you know where there are clusters of nerves on the body that can short-circuit your opponent and weaken him?  Where is the best place to knee, kick or strike the legs in order to cause a “dead leg”, that can slow down your opponent or even end the fight?  Where is the vagus nerve and what will it do when struck?  Where is the “burrito expeller” and why do we want to hit it?  Have you ever fought for an armbar and not been able to strip your opponents grip to finish?  I will show you a special legal target that you can strike which will cause your opponent to lose his grip (and this target is not on the arm at all).  There are many more like this…

Talk about having an unfair advantage!  Do you realize how much effort a fighter uses to punch and kick with no specific target in mind?  I call this “Punching Meat”, because that’s all you’re doing.  Most fighters spend a majority of their time trying to knock someone out, but never set up or aim for a specific target.  Repeatedly hitting your opponent in the middle of his face looks good and will score points, but it does not knock someone out!  Or ask yourself this, how many roundhouse kicks to the right side of the body end up taking someone out?  I’m willing to bet that you’ll end up getting taken down (and losing points in the judge’s eyes) more often than scoring points with this kick.  It might get the fans excited, but it will do limited damage…and you’ll waste a lot of energy with limited results.  The better spot to aim for would be the Saphenous Nerve (easier to hit with less energy spent).  Fighting, without aiming at a specific “Vital Target” is like trying to hit the bullseye of a dartboard by randomly throwing darts at a wall.  If you want to knock someone out or do major damage then you need to focus on striking the “Vital Targets for MMA” not just Punching Meat!  Spend your energy and focus repeatedly aiming at the bullseye (Vital Targets) with every strike and you will hit it, KNOCKOUT!


These targets may not mean anything until you see me hitting them on video or in a seminar.  It takes a proper set up, feints & fakes to get to these targets.  This is what makes someone a professional fighter.  I will show you how and when to strike these targets.  One target can cause a somatic reflex that will open up another target.  You must know how to hit these targets and with what strike.  Thanks, Coach David Alexander (Virtual MMA Coach)

You must practice very slowly to make sure you’re hitting these targets exactly…otherwise your just “Punching Meat”!

Philtrum Pressure Example

See at 1:17

Face Nerves

Chin (Mandible, Nerve to Myohyoid, Mandibular Nerve, Supra mandibular Nerve, Mental Nerve),


Mandibular “Mental” Nerve

Nerve clusters in V notch under Chin (Supra-Mandibular Nerve or V notch):

Mental Nerve

Uppercut to Supra-Mandibular Nerve

Hammer Fist to Bridge of Nose or Philtrum (causes eyes to water, possible KO or shock),


Bone behind Ear (Mastoid Process):

Mastoid Process

Back of lower jaw under the ear (Mandibular Joint):

TMJ or Temperomandibular Joint

Mandibular Curve towards the TMJ (inferior alveolar nerve) .

Video using inferior alveolar nerve:

 inferior alveolar nerve

Temple (Sphenoid Bone):

Sphenoid Bone

Side of neck (carotid artery, vagus & phrenic nerves):  Short Circuits the Brain for an instant KO.  You cannot strike the throat, but the side of the neck is good.  You can elbow the nerve when pressed against the cage or hammer fist when in mount, or elbow when in side control.

Vagus Nerve

Under Arm (brachial plexus nerve)

Arm (Radial Nerve)

Suprasternal Notch

Suprasternal Notch Takedown Video:

Solar Plexus
Video of Solar Plexus shot: and

Pelvic Plexus,

Cardiac Plexus


Floating Ribs (liver/spleen)

Leg Nerves

Saphenous Nerve

Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve picture 2

Femoral Nerve (Great for Muay Thai kick or SS Kick)
Video of femoral nerve strike:

Just above knee (hyperextend the knee),

Behind the knee (popliteal nerve),  Back of Knee:  The popliteal nerve at the back of the knee is the most important nerve around the knee. This large nerve travels all the way down to the lower leg and the foot and is responsible for muscle control and supplying sensation.  The popliteal nerve splits just above the knee to form two nerves- the peroneal nerve and the tibial nerve.  Kick this with the GSP w/ Bonus “Play”.

Shin lateral of tibia ( peroneal nerve),

Calf (gastrocnemius/tibial nerve),

Intercostal Muscle just under pectoralis major, (drive thumb or knuckle into this area to cause pain)

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